It's that time of year again and the 2011 McDonalds Monopoly Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes have started!

Between 12:00 AM ET 09/20/2011 and 12:00 AM ET 09/27/2011 you register on the main site enter the FREE code MCDFORREAL and be entered into a draw to win $10,000 (which will take place on or about 10/03/2011)!

Lastly the Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes only allow ONE ENTRY per online participant, so don't waste your time by entering as many different people icon smile McDonalds Monopoly 2011 USA Has Begun

Check back here for more information on the game as it becomes available, tell us what you've won and comment about the game generally! Don't miss out on bargains from our world famous Sticker Store and remember to tell your friends about the site by liking us on Facebook, giving us a Google +1, or re-tweeting our posts!