Maccas Monopoly is back in Australia for 2014!

Posted by Chris on September 19th, 2014

Yes it's back! Maccas big monopoly competition is now on and you can win one of over 20 million (!) prizes on offer between now and the fourth of november 2014 (04/11/2014).

We'll be covering the competition and answering your questions as best we can from our base in the UK and hope you'll join us by telling us what you've won as you win it :)

As always check out our sticker store for more tickets - good luck everyone!



McDonalds Monopoly 2014 USA Starts Soon!

Posted by Chris on September 11th, 2014

Well... we think it does, judging by previous years sweepstakes the USA competition should be starting in a couple of weeks time.

Check back for more news as we get it! we can't wait!

MaccyDs Monopoly 2014: less than 2 weeks left!

Posted by Chris on April 16th, 2014

We're now 28 days into the 2014 MaccyDs Monopoly, yes its been a month already! And with just a little under 2 weeks remaining the competition for the bigger prizes is heating up. 5 of the 20 available Mini Cooper's are gone, 125 of the 1000 Xbox's have been claimed and 170 of  the possible 400 Panasonic cameras have been snapped up (no pun intended). Although, these are arguably very low numbers of wins given that we are well over half way through the MaccyDs competition and only a third of the Mini Coopers have been won and even less proportions of some other prizes - only 1 of the 100k's for example.

Will all of the prizes be gone by the 29th April (the final day of the competition)? Or have MaccyDs got other intentions for any unclaimed goods? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below as well as what you've been winning yourself by taking part in our poll. Also, if you're in need of stickers to complete a collection head over to our sticker store where you just might find what you're looking for to enable you to be one of the lucky few big winners!

Prizes won so far in McDonalds Monopoly 2014 UPDATE

Posted by Chris on April 8th, 2014

In our previous post we brought you news of some of the main prizes won so far in the McDonalds 2014 Monopoly and today we have new information to update you with!

Of the main prizes won:

1/5 of the 100K prizes has been claimed

5/20 of the Mini Coopers have been claimed

119/400 of the Panasonic Cameras have been claimed

This is the only data the official site is displaying currently, but shows us that another 2 Mini Coopers have been claimed since our last post and provides us with new information regarding the Panasonic Cameras which hadn't been mentioned before. In total, the Macdonalds site proudly displays that there have been 2,749,428 prizes won so far and with 21 days still remaining what's to say you won't be the next to drive off in a Mini?

Are you in need of stickers to complete your collection? Head over to our sticker store and find the pieces you need to win! And don't forget to let us know how you've been getting on by voting in our poll.



New features on the Prize Vault 2014 Mcdonalds site

Posted by Chris on April 1st, 2014

A few new features are now live on the Mcdonalds monopoly website; the first that any visitor to the site will notice is a large box beneath the banner of the 'winners' page which shows the top 3 prizes and how many have been won vs. how many remain of each. According to this box: 1,536,138 prizes have been claimed so far (a large quantity of which will be instant win food prizes) since the start of the competition. The site also now says that one of the 5 available £100K prizes has been won; in addition to 3 of the 20 available Mini Coopers and 283 of the 4000 Just Dance Xbox One games - exciting news we think!

As well as this, there are a couple of other new features on the site: these include the map which shows where prizes are being won across the country, as well as a post code search which allows you to narrow the map right down to your own neighbourhood. Another of the features is a live feed entitled 'recent online cash claims' - this shows the cash prizes being claimed online within the last few minutes and the approximate location of the winner, e.g. 'Stafford'.

They have also updated existing features, including the 'winners wall' (which you can find out more about here) to now include (at the time of writing) 8 and a half pages of victorious faces. Are you on the wall? Or are you perhaps one of the lucky 'big prize' winners? Maybe you've just got a free Big Mac and you're absolutely chuffed with that? (Honestly, we wouldn't blame you - our current tally: 2 hot drinks, a medium soft drink, a porridge and six nuggets). Let us know what you've been winning by taking part in our poll!

Can't find that final sticker that you need to complete a collection in order to claim the prize? Take a trip over to the sticker store and see if anyone is selling it; you never know it could just be the investment that wins you the prize you've been dreaming of!

Good luck with the ongoing competition and keep enjoying all that free food!

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